Wilson & White

Original Songs, Bawdy Blues and Juke Joint Boogies.

Troy Wilson & Matthew White, Original Songs, Old-time, Jug Band, Pre-War Blues, Stomps and Rags. These acoustic artists will take you right back to the source to drink in the original sounds with resonator guitars, ukes, kazoos, harmonica, stomp-box & washboard. From fingerpicking to harmonica train impersonations. Wilson & White bring fun, surprise and laughter to their twist on the Juke Joint tradition.



Troy Wilson & Matthew White (2020) Album

Wilson & White’s new 2020 Album out Friday 13th November.
Recorded 2nd last week of January 2020.
1. Black Cat Fever
2. Truckin’ My Blues Away
3. Little Red Caboose
4. Cocaine Habit Blues
5. One Eyed Willie
6. Sweet Honey Hole
7. I.C Special
8. You Stole My Cake
9. Stealin’ Stealin’
10. Kokamo Blues
11. Stoned Again
12. That Cat Is High
13. What’s That Smells Like Fish

CD’s, The Blues Shack (2015), Mama’s Sweet Melons (2017)
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